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Xi’an Superb International Inc.

(abbr. as SUPERB)


About us


Superb was founded on December 17th 2009 and is located in Van Metropolis of Xi’an High Tech Zone.  


Superb has become a qualified global distributor of the best titanium and other Nonferrous Metal product from China. It is a leading supplier of titanium and titanium alloy products. Superb can provide not only high strength commercially pure titanium and titanium alloy products in flat-rolled and long forms, net-shapes and components, but also commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys as near-net-shape titanium powder metals, titanium aluminides, highly-engineered titanium castings and titanium forgings, and machined titanium components.

And Filtration Equipment and System, Sintered Metal Filter Element, Non-ferrous  Metal Powder are some pilot nonferrous metal products of marketing diversity.

Superb can provide You with the main items as follows:


aa.Solutions to Materials Problems

     Superbs products are used in virtually every industry, worldwide: aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, chemical and process industries, electrical resistance heating, marine engineering, oil and gas extraction industries, petrochemical processing, pollution control and waste processing, power generation, thermal processing and heat treatment, welding.


bb.Titanium Clad Steel Plates, Clad flake:

   A abundant product system including Ti/CS, SS/CS, Ni/CS, Ta/CS, Zr/CS , Cu/CS and other clad metal materials.


cc.Non-ferrous metal equipment service:

     Pressure vessel and fittings: heat ex-changer, reactor, tower, tank, pipe(pipeline),flange,structural components etc.


Today Superb services over many customers at home and abroad. The specialized metals that Service Steel Aerospace distributes supports industries such as, Commercial Aviation, Defense and Space, Oil and Gas, Racing, Medical, Firearms, as well as many other industries.


dd.Based on many years ’ engineering experience, strong capability of R&D and equipment matching, Superb can provide customers with a variety of economic and efficient gas - solid and liquid - solid filtration equipment and the best process solution. Be configured with high-speed airflow pulse jet cleaning system and reverse pulse pressure online cleaning system, our filter can been easy to use and maintenance, meanwhile our filter can be designed with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic working mode.

Mainly application:Petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new energy, nuclear industry, marine engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical , food industries, etc.



Superb ...supporting your success.